We are grateful for so many Thank you's. A simple thank you sincerely warms our hearts and makes what we do, all the more fulfilling.

I received my printer today from Pinnacle Kids!
Thank you so much, I did not expect it to come so quickly. How awesome!¬† I’m very excited to use it and it will be very helpful.
Beverly Greenstein

Coral Sunset Elementary

Mr. Restino,

On behalf of me and my class at Jupiter Elementary, we wanted to say thank you so very much for all our supplies! It was SO kind and generous of you and your organization!

It will be put to great use! It is appreciated more than you know!
We were on break last week but I will be sending thank you cards/notes from my students once we get some time to make them ūüôā
Thanks again!!!
Lori-Ann Cavallo

Jupiter Elementary School

Thank you so much for the Spanish books, they are beyond great! I was just putting them into our system & I am so excited for the new additions to our library!
Paula Bodner

Library Media Specialist, Forest Hill Elementary

So excited!!!

I can’t wait to label them over the weekend so I can let the students book shop the beginning of the week!!! .¬† I’ll take some photos for you.

Many, many, mucho mas thank yous!

Susan Romano

Palm Beach Schools

Wow!! Thank you so much! What a awesome thing you are doing for our schools and students!!! ūüôā

Alyssa Oliver

Palm Beach Schools

Thank you so much for meeting with us! It is an honor just to meet someone as passionate as you are, too!

Megan LaVogue

Palm Beach Schools

Forest Hill elementary thanks you for getting involved! =) Thanks for helping us. Saw the article on your website its awesome! =)

Tirsa Vega Dominguez

Kindergarten Teacher , Forest Hill Elementary

This is Ms Francis from the Autism unit at Jerry Thomas. I just want to thank you for the ink  for the printer. You are a true blessing .

Thanks for coloring our world.

Ms. Francis

Autism Unit at Jerry Thomas

Thank you again for your efforts on behalf of all of our community kiddos in the area ‚Äď you move us all forward.

Wynna Dunmyer, Freedom Shores parent

You’re the bomb!¬† Thanks

Vonda B. Daniels

Principal, Northmore Elementary School

Thank you so much for all the supplies that have been donated to our students.

We are a very low economic area school and the supplies help our students complete their assignments.  They work very hard to reach their highest potential so they can go on to college.

Have a great day and thank you again for thinking of our wonderful children.

Sue Wein

5h grade math teacher, South Grade Elementary School

Good morning. I am delighted to have the pleasure of sending you a very BIG THANK YOU. It was a blessing to meet you as well as to be blessed with the supplies. Forest Hill Elementary School certainly appreciates all that you do for our students and teachers as well. Keep up the great work . God bless. Sincerely, Cheryl

Cheryl Gorrell- O'Bryant

Guidance Counselor, Forest Hill Elementary School

Thank you, again! I tried it out and it is working. The students will be so excited to be able to use this resource that they love so much

Rita J.

Palm Beach Schools

Thank you for the books.  My students love reading them.  Have a great day.

Sonia Rodriguez

Palm Beach Schools

Thank you so much for supporting our school. Your assistance will help us continue our work with the students.
Happy and Healthy Holidays!!!!
Francis Arbesfeld

Thank you for the kind donation!!! The students will definitely use all of the donations. Thank you greatly for the kind donation once again.

Blanca Addison

Palm Beach Schools

Thanks so much! We really appreciate your generosity! The children are blessed .

Jenelle Mcneill

Palm Beach Schools

Oh my goodness… thank you so very much for your GENEROUS donation to Jerry Thomas Elementary!!!

I’m so excited to share the chapter books with my older students who are learning to read in English.¬† They will be so proud to read the thicker books in a classroom of the peers.

Best Monday ever!!!

Susan Romano

Palm Beach Schools

On behalf of the teachers, principal and assistant principal, I would like to thank you again for the books. I will be delivering them to the Kindergarten teachers at Belle Glade Elementary tomorrow.

Angela Gonzalez

K-2 Literacy Staff Developer, Department of Elementary Education, Pioneer Park Elementary, Rosenwald Elementary, Belle Glade Elementary, Pierce Hammock Elementary

Thank you again so much for the books! I am putting together some pictures for our JTE Facebook page to recognize the generosity of Pinnacle Kids! I used one of the books this week for therapy and it worked wonderfully!

Thank you again so much for helping our students! Have a great weekend!

Beth Rendell, MS CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist, Jerry Thomas Elementary School

You are the best!

Thank you!

Jenelle McNeill

Second Grade Grade Chair, Jerry Thomas Elementary School

Thank you so much for all of the materials that you have delivered to our school!  The students here are not able to purchase everyday school materials, 99% of our school is below the poverty level. The folders, paper, pencils, crayons, and markers were very helpful to complete daily projects the students were working on.  In addition to all of the classroom materials provided I was given print cartridges for my printer.  With the print cartridges, I was able to create many standards based activities to go along with text books/literature books that I use with my students.  I would not have been able to afford the ink for my printer without your help!



Mia Bettes Kulics, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist, South Grade Elementary School

Dear Mr. Restino,

Oh thank you so much!¬† It is like Christmas every time I go to my school mailbox I can’t wait to get the headsets and splitters and put everything together to send home for my families…¬†A grateful teacher

Phyllis Svane

Palm Beach Schools

Good morning Robert, just wanted to inform you that I received the printer yesterday. Thank you so much for being so attentive.

Cynthia Gil

Palm Beach Schools

Thanks so much to you and Pinnacle Kids. My kids will get much use out of their new headphones. I know that this will help them continue on their paths to success. Thank you for all that you do for us at Lake Park Elementary!

Leslie Boatman

2nd Grade Teacher, Lake Park Elementary School

I want to say thank you so much from our first grade classroom!! Our students often come to school without school supplies and thanks to your generous donations I was able to give each of my students new pencils, glue sticks and crayons. Also, we ran out of copy paper some time ago and I have been using my own personal money to purchase paper. Thanks to you and your donors I will have enough to last the rest of the school year. Thank you again from Ms. Stoots’ first grade class at Cholee Lake!!

Ms. Stoots

Thank you for the printer toner.  The students at Coral Sunset Elementary school greatly appreciated your help and time.  Have a nice day.

Sonia Rodriguez

Palm Beach School

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the school supplies that you so generously gave to my students.
As you know the population at South Grade is below the poverty level. Most of our parents are in this country illegally and they are often illiterate. Our students really appreciate the new items that you provided via my request. The headphones for the computers help them understand their lessons better than the ear bud ones we were using. The mini staplers allow each student to become more independent. Even at the first grade level, the more they can do without my help instills a sense of accomplishment. And we really love the cassette player. I know that it was a challenge to track one down but we appreciate it so much. We have so many books on tape that are now being utilized. In the spirit of the winter holidays, we send you warm wishes for a joyous holiday season & a very Happy New Year.
Cindi Adler

I just wanted to thank you for your VERY generous donation to my classroom   I really appreciate it.  Going into the 3rd trimester, we are running thin on supplies.  What a great surprise, when the boxes and bag arrived.

Caren Champion Bogue

Palm Beach Schools

Thank you so much. I’m sure the kids would like to say thank you.So would I.

Ramona Smith

Palm Beach Schools

Thanks again for all you have done to help the teachers at JTES!

Victoria DelValle

Palm Beach Schools

Thank you so much for your generosity in donating supplies to our classroom! My students and I are very grateful and appreciative for the chart paper & post it notes!

Donna Simms

3RD Grade Teacher, Jupiter Farms Elementary

Thank you so much Rob! I know the kids will be so excited to share their excitement for reading at home with their families!

Ashley Rubenstein

1st Grade Teacher, Cholee Lake Elementary School

Wow! That was fast. Thank you so much.

Melanie Foley, K-5 Music

Jerry Thomas Elementary School

I would like to send you my deepest appreciation and heart felt thank you for all you have done for my classroom this year.  You kindness and generosity has been overwhelming.  You have donated a reading carpet, an easel, chart paper, and a great assortment of playground balls for the students to enjoy both inside and outside the classroom.  The reading carpet is now a favorite spot for the students to go and read or complete their work.  The balls have been used daily by all of the third grade students.  Lastly, I have enjoyed using the chart paper and easel to enhance and fortify my lessons.  The chart paper showing key elements of each lesson are then hung or displayed around the room until the completion of the lesson as a reference tool for the students.

Pinnacle Kids has made such an impact and difference in my classroom this year. ¬† Thank you so much for supporting your local schools and community.¬† It is companies like yours that really make a difference.¬† It is very true that, “it takes a village to raise a child.” ¬†Thank you for being such an integral part of that village and for your continued support.

Have a Safe and Wonderful Summer.

With Thanks,

Carol Sue Smith

3rd Grade Team Leader

Please send out a thank you to all companies that have supported our lovely students.  The supplies are very helpful for our students who are unable to afford them.  Having supplies ready for them makes them feel like they are in a loving environment and they are equal to their peers.  I can not express in words how much we have appreciated your support the last 2 years.  Thanks a billion because it takes a community to raise a child to be a star!

Jacqueline Kerley

Palm Beach Schools

Mr. Restino,
Thanks a lot for your support over the years. My students benefit greatly from your donations.

Jacqueline Porter

I just wanted to thank you all and all of our supporters for the donations. My class received pencils and markers that my student were so excited to continue their work and created at their house. I also received colored copied paper which I am excited about, I love bright everything. Thank you again so much, look forward to working with you again next year.

Jessica Frouge