W Palm Beach, FL – April 20, 2017 Pinnacle Kids (PK) was honored to take part in the recent Scholarship Awards Dinner to support some of the amazing and talented students at the Gale Academy of Environmental Science and Technology at Forest Hill High School. PK has long been an admirer of the great work taking place at the Gale Academy through their focus on ecology and developing scientific inquiry, knowledge, awareness and eco literacy. Using a hands-on approach to get their students involved in their lessons, the Academy challenges students to take initiative and give back to their community by completing their own service projects.

(L to R) Erin Nocera, Shawn McCall, Robert Restino, Julia Jennison & Allison Hammill at the Gale Academy Scholarship Dinner

Robert Restino, founder of Pinnacle Kids, was pleased to present a check for $2000.00 towards the purchase of items to assist students in their scientific field work. Digital water and soil meters along with clinometers and dissolved oxygen pens will help them determine and track water and soil quality to assist in their ongoing exploration. PK is proud to assist the Gale Academy with their innovative curriculum, scientific research, and community service.  The result is a new generation of young minds who are ready to tackle the challenges of living in an environmentally responsible world.

For more information on the Gale Academy of Environmental Science and Technology at Forest Hill High School, please click here. For more information or to donate to Pinnacle Kids, please visit www.PinnacleKids.org. Our sincere thanks to all those who work daily to make positive change in the world!