Jupiter, FL – April 2017 When Pinnacle Kids (PK) recently asked teachers at Coral Sunset Elementary to complete an online questionnaire to list some of the items their classrooms could use, they were surprised at one teacher’s unique request. Among the many more common appeals for pencils, paper, ink and printers was one PK hadn’t seen before: yoga mats for kindergartners. New teacher, Jennifer Wexler, wanted to find a way to create a cohesive community for her students and address a few behavioral issues at the same time. With the help of Pinnacle Kids’ donations of the yoga mats, she has incorporated a light yoga session in the afternoon to help the children work off some of their excess physical energy. Ms. Wexler says that the kids love practicing yoga and that it also helps alleviate anxiety and stress, and assists them in maintaining focus on lessons. “They love the movement and it accesses a different part of their brain to help them learn their sight words.”

Kindergarten students from Ms. Wexler’s class participate in some light yoga

It is truly humbling for Pinnacle Kids to be able to assist teachers in making their classrooms into better environments for learning and growth. For more information on Coral Sunset Elementary, please click here. For more information or to donate to Pinnacle Kids, please visit www.PinnacleKids.org Thank you to all those working to make positive change everywhere!