Jupiter, FL – April 2017 During a recent Pinnacle Kids (PK) survey of teachers at Jupiter Elementary to determine any special needs items they could use help obtaining, one teacher had a slightly different list of items. Among the many appeals for regular classroom supplies from teachers, hers had on it portable CD players, headphones and headphone splitters, along with learning-English CDs. PK was pleased to be able to provide these items along with fulfilling the many other Wish-List entries from hers and the other Jupiter Elementary teachers who participated. PK founder Rob Restino spoke with teacher Phyllis Svane and learned she had hoped for these educational items to help not only her students who were struggling with learning English, but also their families.

Ms. Svane utilizes the CDs for class lessons but also encourages her students to take them home and practice with their families if they desire. Many of her pupils have parents and/or guardians who have no means to assist their young family members with a new language as they are often not fluent in it themselves. The thought that these particular items may be helping students beyond the classroom and bringing enrichment to families is truly gratifying. Trying to learn anything in your second language can prove to be extremely difficult and PK was moved to see how Ms. Svane wanted to be sure her pupils had every chance to flourish.

Melissa Migliore of Pinnacle Kids delivers donations to Jupiter Elementary. L to R: Melissa with Asst. Principal Deborah McNichols and Culture Coordinator Jennifer Mooney

As a financial advisor, PK founder Robert Restino often works in the Palm Beach County School System. The inspiration to found the Pinnacle Kids organization arose from his interactions with so many dedicated teachers such as Ms. Svane and all those at Jupiter Elementary. He founded PK to help teachers and students in the community and to help ensure they have the tools they need for success. For more information on Jupiter Elementary, please click here. For more information or to donate to Pinnacle Kids, please visit www.PinnacleKids.org. Thank you to those working to make positive change everywhere!