Pinnacle Kids (PK) deals with a lot of Title I schools such as Cholee Lake Elementary in Greenacres, Florida. Title I schools are high-poverty schools that often struggle to receive a fair share of their state and local funding. The teachers at these schools may also often struggle to keep each student in their classroom prepared and supplied with the tools they need to succeed. Despite the struggle, these teachers are always engaged with their students, excited about learning, and encouraging of each of their students to prepare for their future.

Cholee Lake Elementary School Principal Dr. Marline Campbell and Asst. Principal Carlos Castro shown here with Rob & Melissa (in red) from Pinnacle Kids

On a recent visit by PK to the school, we asked teachers and staff at Cholee Lake to participate in our online Pinnacle Kids survey. This survey is a short questionnaire and is how PK determines the best way to help each school we visit. Teachers and school staff are encouraged to answer a few questions, including what supplies they need to ready their classrooms for learning. The requests provide an insight as to what their greatest needs are, and PK will do their best to fulfill as many wishes as possible. A large number of teachers and staff responded from Cholee Lake and their responses were made up almost entirely of requests for basic school supplies like pencils, markers, paper, glue sticks, and composition books.

Pinnacle Kids was able to fulfill that survey entirely, and by researching to find the lowest prices and buying many items in bulk, the cost was around $2,000.00. We estimated that if the teachers were to buy the same items that we provided it would have cost close to $6,000. Studies from The Education Market Association, National School Supply & Equipment Association (NSSEA), Horace Mann, and our own internally collected data show that a teacher spends an average of $400 to $1,000 out of their own pocket every school year.  We feel great that we can ease that burden at much lower costs!

To round out our project at Cholee Lake, we were able to enlist the help of Home Depot to build an outdoor teaching center!  Currently, the Physical Education teachers have no shaded area and only a burned up white board, hardly an appropriate area to conduct their classes. Team Depot has volunteered to erect a new shaded teaching area so they will have an immediate outdoor classroom at their disposal. The new shaded area will host a cork board section for lesson plans, a white board section for active teaching, and rows of cubbyholes for the students to place their supplies and belongings. Best of all, Team Depot is donating all the time, labor, and materials ($1,400.00 est.) towards the project one hundred percent! Awesome!