Pinnacle Kids Brings Golf to Forest Hill High School

W Palm Beach, FL – August 2017  Pinnacle Kids (PK) received a truly awesome donation recently from a local country club member…TWENTY sets of golf clubs! The sets were arranged to be gifted immediately to Forest Hill High School to be used by the physical education department and by their golf team. FHHS Coach Barbara Malone was on hand to help introduce students to the game & talk to them about her experience attending college on a golf scholarship. Many golfers like Coach Malone will tell you how the game mirrors life, how it offers many great life lessons, and how it can serve as the foundation for developing lifelong social skills and friendships.

Pinnacle Kids would also like to thank Ms. Susan Vail, PGA member & educator, and Mr. Geoff Haynes from RA Power Pro, for putting on a golf clinic at the school. PK believes strongly in providing unique opportunities to students to try something they may otherwise not have been exposed to. Golf can be a great learning experience for children because anyone can play, it’s a low-risk sport in a safe environment and players learn to govern themselves with honesty and integrity. The clinic helped raise awareness and interest and has FHHS students joining the team and entering the world of golf. Pinnacle Kids would like to thank everyone involved…we certainly couldn’t do what we do without help!


Cholee Lake: Learning, Growing, Soaring

Pinnacle Kids (PK) deals with a lot of Title I schools such as Cholee Lake Elementary in Greenacres, Florida. Title I schools are high-poverty schools that often struggle to receive a fair share of their state and local funding. The teachers at these schools may also often struggle to keep each student in their classroom prepared and supplied with the tools they need to succeed. Despite the struggle, these teachers are always engaged with their students, excited about learning, and encouraging of each of their students to prepare for their future.

Cholee Lake Elementary School Principal Dr. Marline Campbell and Asst. Principal Carlos Castro shown here with Rob & Melissa (in red) from Pinnacle Kids

On a recent visit by PK to the school, we asked teachers and staff at Cholee Lake to participate in our online Pinnacle Kids survey. This survey is a short questionnaire and is how PK determines the best way to help each school we visit. Teachers and school staff are encouraged to answer a few questions, including what supplies they need to ready their classrooms for learning. The requests provide an insight as to what their greatest needs are, and PK will do their best to fulfill as many wishes as possible. A large number of teachers and staff responded from Cholee Lake and their responses were made up almost entirely of requests for basic school supplies like pencils, markers, paper, glue sticks, and composition books.

Pinnacle Kids was able to fulfill that survey entirely, and by researching to find the lowest prices and buying many items in bulk, the cost was around $2,000.00. We estimated that if the teachers were to buy the same items that we provided it would have cost close to $6,000. Studies from The Education Market Association, National School Supply & Equipment Association (NSSEA), Horace Mann, and our own internally collected data show that a teacher spends an average of $400 to $1,000 out of their own pocket every school year.  We feel great that we can ease that burden at much lower costs!

To round out our project at Cholee Lake, we were able to enlist the help of Home Depot to build an outdoor teaching center!  Currently, the Physical Education teachers have no shaded area and only a burned up white board, hardly an appropriate area to conduct their classes. Team Depot has volunteered to erect a new shaded teaching area so they will have an immediate outdoor classroom at their disposal. The new shaded area will host a cork board section for lesson plans, a white board section for active teaching, and rows of cubbyholes for the students to place their supplies and belongings. Best of all, Team Depot is donating all the time, labor, and materials ($1,400.00 est.) towards the project one hundred percent! Awesome!

Pinnacle Kids Gifts Music & Books to Lake Park Elementary

Jupiter, FL – May 2017 Pinnacle Kids (PK) recently received a donation of a Yamaha PSR 400 keyboard with stand and had to decide which of the many deserving music classrooms in our area would be the fortunate recipient. With so many worthy candidates, it was decided to offer teachers who wanted a chance to win the keyboard to enter into a drawing where PK would randomly select the winner. Ms. Sarah Hoyos from Lake Park Elementary entered her class into the drawing and was the lucky winner of the keyboard valued at $399! Our support from generous donors is a big reason why we are able to make special things like this happen.

(L) Robert Restino of Pinnacle Kids and Sarah Hoyos’ Music Class and (R) 1st Grade Students at Lake Park Elementary

In addition to the normal requests for basic classroom supplies from many of the Lake Park Elementary teachers surveyed, PK also received a special request for books from teacher Ms. Elizabeth Hurless. The 1st Grade teacher could not stress enough the basics of successful reading to PK founder Rob Restino. Said Hurless, “The only way you become a better reader is to practice, and when some families just don’t have the resources for books at home, the challenge becomes greater”. PK couldn’t agree more, so on top of paper, pencils, markers, journals and other materials donated to the Lake Park Elementary teachers, Pinnacle Kids was able to deliver enough books to Ms. Hurless’ class that she had enough to send a book home with each child for their very own. Students were even able to choose the book they wanted!

It’s always a pleasure to work with caring teachers like those at Lake Park Elementary who truly have their student’s best interests at heart! Pinnacle Kids is an organization that seeks to assist teachers and students in the community and to help ensure they have the tools they need for success. For more information on Lake Park Elementary, please click here. Thank you to everyone working to make a positive difference in for our youth!

Pinnacle Kids Helps Art Class & More at Jupiter Elementary

Jupiter, FL – April 2017 Robert Restino of Pinnacle Kids (PK) stopped by Jupiter Elementary recently to deliver donations to teachers who responded to their online survey. Books, paper, pencils, markers, binders, headphones and more were delivered to the school along with 500 pounds of clay…yes, clay! One of the teachers Rob met was Art teacher Melody DePasquale, who was seeking help to obtain the clay for class projects. Ms. DePasquale wanted to provide a sculpting activity to her students so they could experience the art process first-hand. Funding is often tight for Music & Arts and some schools are seeing these types of programs slowly disappear despite their extreme importance to the education of our youth.

PK was pleased to be able to provide additional funding to assist in the purchase of the clay supplies. Ms. DePasquale and her students were able to create literally hundreds of heirlooms that students were able to take home and share with their families. PK believes a balance of core classes in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) along with music, art and physical education enable children to have a well-rounded and immersive experience while learning about all the variety our world has to offer. For some kids, school may be their only chance to be exposed to these unique experiences that may help them find their passion in life.

Art Teacher Melody DePasquale and Robert Restino of Pinnacle Kids (background) with her class at Jupiter Elementary

As a financial advisor, PK founder Robert Restino often works in the Palm Beach County School System. The inspiration to found the Pinnacle Kids organization arose from his interactions with so many dedicated teachers such as Ms. DePasquale and all those at Jupiter Elementary. He founded PK to assist teachers and students in the community and to help ensure they have the tools they need for success. For more information on Jupiter Elementary, please click here. Thank you to all those working to make positive change everywhere!

Warm Welcome for Pinnacle Kids from Coral Sunset Elementary

Boca Raton, FL – April 2017 Pinnacle Kids (PK) was overwhelmed at the heartfelt welcome received from teachers and staff at Coral Sunset Elementary in early April. PK had recently surveyed the Title I school to see what kind of supplies their classrooms were most in need of and PK founder Robert Restino was delivering a related presentation to the teachers and staff. He was pleasantly surprised by the “Thank-You” marquee greeting him upon arrival and at the warm reception and smiling faces that met him inside. Rob spoke at Coral Sunset’s monthly faculty meeting on the topic of “The Process of Obtaining Teacher Grants” in an effort to help them access another level of support for their classrooms. The teachers and staff expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the assistance and donations that would ultimately benefit their students. All in all, PK delivered much needed supplies to the school including books, whiteboards, paper, pens, pencils, games, a dozen printers and other unique technology items.

Coral Sunset Elementary Faculty & Staff welcomes Pinnacle Kids founder, Robert Restino


As a financial advisor, Robert often works in the Palm Beach County School System. The inspiration to found the Pinnacle Kids organization arose from his interactions with many dedicated teachers such as those at Coral Sunset. He founded PK to help teachers and students in the community and to help ensure they have the tools they need to succeed. For more information on Coral Sunset Elementary, please click here. Thank you to those working to make positive change everywhere!