Jupiter, FL – April 2017 Robert Restino of Pinnacle Kids (PK) stopped by Jupiter Elementary recently to deliver donations to teachers who responded to their online survey. Books, paper, pencils, markers, binders, headphones and more were delivered to the school along with 500 pounds of clay…yes, clay! One of the teachers Rob met was Art teacher Melody DePasquale, who was seeking help to obtain the clay for class projects. Ms. DePasquale wanted to provide a sculpting activity to her students so they could experience the art process first-hand. Funding is often tight for Music & Arts and some schools are seeing these types of programs slowly disappear despite their extreme importance to the education of our youth.

PK was pleased to be able to provide additional funding to assist in the purchase of the clay supplies. Ms. DePasquale and her students were able to create literally hundreds of heirlooms that students were able to take home and share with their families. PK believes a balance of core classes in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) along with music, art and physical education enable children to have a well-rounded and immersive experience while learning about all the variety our world has to offer. For some kids, school may be their only chance to be exposed to these unique experiences that may help them find their passion in life.

Art Teacher Melody DePasquale and Robert Restino of Pinnacle Kids (background) with her class at Jupiter Elementary

As a financial advisor, PK founder Robert Restino often works in the Palm Beach County School System. The inspiration to found the Pinnacle Kids organization arose from his interactions with so many dedicated teachers such as Ms. DePasquale and all those at Jupiter Elementary. He founded PK to assist teachers and students in the community and to help ensure they have the tools they need for success. For more information on Jupiter Elementary, please click here. Thank you to all those working to make positive change everywhere!